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Cafe Rupawan

Manjakani restores and maintains female youthfulness

Helps to shrink fat cells and tighten and return elasticity to the muscle on the walls of the female reproductive system

Reduces abnormal vaginal discharge

Stimulates the production of hormones that improve blood circulation and regulates menstrual cycle, reducing cramps

Regulates hormones and increases the body's energy and alertness

Tightens and smoothens vagina walls and improves sexual function

Arabica coffee content is lower in comparison to regular coffee.


Relieves Joint Arthritis and Muscle Seizures

Helps control Diabetic and High Blood levels

Helps reduce cholesterol

Helps Allergic Chronic Allergy Problems

Skin problems like Eczama and Proriasis

Helps relieve Gastric and Ulcer

The problem is always fatigue and lethargy and it's hard to sleep

Reduces Migraines & Anemia

Anti Tumors and Anti Cancer and cures for different types of cancer cells


Apple Stemcell

Lose weight without feeling tired, worn-out or drained

Get rid of cellulite and stretch marks

Smoothen and brighten skin

Restore skin's elasticity and youthfulness

Apples contain phytonutrients which slow down the oxidisation of bad cholesterol

Apples also have their own health properties that enhances skin�s beauty and helps slow down aging.

Returns your skin's youthfulness and encourages the growth of premium skin cells which are the main source in epidermis (outer layer of skin) repair while encouraging the formation of skin pigment

Capable of healing the cardiovascular system

Lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes

Relieves joint pains

Buetali Coffee

Gets rid of tiredness after outdoor activities or heavy labour

Improves blood circulation

Increases libido (lust and desire)

Increases energy and stamina

Prevents erectile dysfunction and improves sexual strength

Acts as an antioxidant to slow the aging process. (consistent strength)

Increases androgenic activity which is crucial for the development of the male reproductive system.

Examples of androgenic activity:

Growth of body hair

Formation of muscle mass

Development of male reproductive organs

Buetali Coffee

Glutathione Maquie Berry

The Maqui berry has been used for generations amongst Mapuche Indians in the South Americas. Not only is the Maqui berry a symbol of strength, health and vitality, it also possess extraordinary healing qualities on cancers/tumours, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, nerve problems, high cholesterol, asthma, liver problems, tiredness and other health issues.

Glutathione can be crowned King of Antioxidants or a super antioxidant because of the various health benefits that it brings. It is the only antioxidant around that is naturally produced by body cells to protect our health.

The most obvious of glutathione�s benefits is its ability to fight the bad effects of stress hormones, oxidise cells enough to prevent free radicals and stop cell mutation (both of which are bad for the body), detoxify the body and slow down its aging process.

Jus Gavera Drink

Contains high antioxidants including vitamin C and E

Lowers cholesterol levels

Helps with blood circulation

Helps with digestion by getting rid of gas or "wind" in the stomach

Boosts strength of gall juice to help with digestion

Quickens the healing of wounds

Tightens the uterus after delivery

Improves complexion

Increases body's absorption of calcium

Increases haemoglobin and prevents anaemia attacks

Prevents tiredness and fatigue

Heals coughs and asthma

Removes harmful toxins in the body

Jus Gavera Drink

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